Lay Bare Waxing Salon introduces an innovative technique to remove unwanted hair.  If you’ve become weary of hot wax that may burn you or hard wax that may leave your skin red and irritated then Sugaring may just be the answer.

 Sugaring originated in Egypt and has been practiced for decades in many Middle-Eastern communities.  It is the of use of cold sugar wax made of natural ingredients such as sugar, honey, and lemon and is directly applied on your skin to remove unwanted hair.  These ingredients have known exfoliating, moisturizing, and whitening properties.  It makes the hair removal process less traumatic and chemical-free leaving your skin smooth and bare. We offer a range of sugaring services, eyebrow threading using organic thread and body facial procedures that take care of those stubborn ingrowns and chicken skin.

 The first Lay Bare was opened in Manila, Philippines in June 2006 when sisters Monique and Fiona were dissatisfied with the hair removal options they had at that time.  It was a choice between high-end spas with exorbitant rates or the low-end all-around salons that did not offer the comfort and ambiance they were seeking.

 In just 6 months, Lay Bare had grown to two branches and by January 2008, was able to open the first franchised location.  Lay Bare Philippines currently operates over a hundred locations in the Philippines and is the industry leader in hair removal.

Lay Bare first opened in the United States in July, 2012 in Studio City, California.  The second location in West Hollywood opened in August, 2016.  Lay Bare also has grand plans of expanding in the United States through franchising.

Over the years, Lay Bare has aimed to deliver nothing but hair-free, healthy, and glowing skin to its clients. We continuously develop skin-friendly and reasonably-priced products that complement our services. All our products are dermatologically-tested and FDA-approved.

Be sure to ask about our Lay Bare exclusive products that will help soothe, exfoliate, and brighten your skin.

And remember, when you see hair, it’s time to Lay Bare.


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